Academic route for colombia

Period: July and August 2019
Total days: 15 days – 2 weeks

Academic activities

The Academic Route to Colombia, proposes the experience of participant observation, in community, educational and development contexts. The interaction with the Colombian reality, will give you the opportunity to know and understand the solutions built in this context, to address the social problem, especially linked to vulnerable populations such as children, adolescents, women, ethnic groups and communities in conditions of poverty. It will also be a unique learning experience. Among the planned academic activities are:

  • Training sessions led by specialists from Colombian organizations.
  • Visits to institutions and organizations dedicated to work in the areas of education, social and human development and attention to population groups.
  • Visits to innovative experiences, which use art as a vehicle for development.
  • Visits to community experiences of development, attention and education.
  • Visit to universities and thought centers.
  • Stay in a care or education center for participant observation
  • Specialized academic advice

You can select those activities that fit your profile and educational interests.

Places of interest

  • Bolivar (Cartagena, Palenque, San Jacinto)
  • Atlantic (Barranquilla)
  • Bogotá
  • Medellin

Cultural activities

Colombia is one of the most geographically, environmentally and culturally diverse countries in the world. In a visit, it is impossible to cover all that wealth. In the academic route, we will try to make you know wonderful places in the Colombian Caribbean, having as epicenter the city of Cartagena de Indias. Also, it will be able to lean out to the wonder of the Andres, to more than 3600m on the level of the sea.

  • Visit to Cartagena de Indias and its islands (Bocachica and the Rosario Islands).
  • Visit to Barranquilla, the cultural center of the Caribbean and the route to the sea, which includes a visit to the active mud volcano “El Totumo”.
  • Visit to San Basilio de Palenque (only Palenque that survives in all America).
  • Visit to San Jacinto, cradle of artisans and gastronomic wealth of the Bolivarian Savannah.
  • Tour of old Bogotá and the cundiboyacense high plateau (3600m high)
  • Visit to the Salt Cathedral underground.

Included services

You can live this experience, with the peace of mind that someone takes care of all the details. The allied organizations, we have structured a package that considers the vital aspects for any international traveler:

  • Airline tickets
  • Welcome at the airport
  • Ground transportation (According to scheduled activities)
  • Lodging
  • Feeding
  • Guide and escort service
  • Translation
  • Travel insurance

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